Busting the Myths about Shree Yantra

//Busting the Myths about Shree Yantra

Busting the Myths about Shree Yantra


Popular shows like “MythBusters” on Discovery Channel have made sure that we are quite aware of some of the real world facts and no longer believe in myths like goldfishes have three-second memory spans. However, when it comes to realities about things such as Shree Yantra, discussions are still filled up with false ideas and facts. One of the reasons for it could be that people have not really studied mythology and shastras. Also, there are quite a few merchants in the market who produce incorrect yantras for making money using out-dated production techniques and spend a lot of money on advertising because of which, somehow, whatever is published by them is considered as the truth.

Based on our studies of several relevant ancient shashtras such as Tantraraj Tantram, Dakshinamurti Sanhita, Laksha Sagar, Subhagyalakshmi Upnishad, Saundrya Lahri, Rudrayamal Granth, etc. over a period of five years, we have gone down to the realities and facts about the correct Shree Yantra. We thought of sharing our knowledge to bust the top five myths associated with Shree Yantra. We hope that this blog helps you in your purchase of the real and most authentic Shree Yantra.

Myth 1- Shree Yantra can be made using any metal

Fact- Generally, it is found that Shree Yantras are made using brass or bronze metals because of the durability and sturdiness offered by these metals as well as because these metals are cheaper to produce. However, if one refers to the ancient shastras like Tantraraj Tantram, it is found that Brass (as it contain the negative metal –Lead) and bronze are prohibited metals. Therefore, Shree Yantras created using these metals give negative results. As per the ancient Shastras – Tantraraj-Tantram, Dakshinamurti Sahinta and Laksha Sagar, Shree Yantra should be made using positive metals such as Gold, Silver and Copper – only such yantras give the maximum results and give wealth, fame, good health, happiness, success, and prosperity.

Myth 2- Shree Yantra must be solid inside out 

Fact- One of the biggest myths is that the yantra must be solid and heavy inside out. However, in reality, the inner side of Shree Yantra must be hollow from top to bottom. Along with this, the inside must have similar geometry just like the outer side. The reason behind this requirement of hollowness is that – only through inner hollowness Shree Yantra has the power to attract and multiply the universal cosmic energy. Cosmic energy attracted by the Shree Yantra is stored in this inner hollow part of Shree Yantra and multiplied inside its sacred geometry. In fact, a solid Yantra is not a Yantra but it is a Statue of Yantra.

The effectiveness of this inner hollowness can be witness in all the ancient and powerful temples across the world. The dome of each of these temples is like a Yantra having hollow inner side with same geometry as its outside.

Myth 3- Shree Yantra is same as Pyramid structure

Shree Yantra is not the same as the pyramid. Pyramid, a simpler form of Yantra, attracts cosmic energy. Shree Yantra, on the other hand, is a much more complex form of Yantra and therefore, attracts and spreads cosmic energy in multi-fold. Going by the researches of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, USA, energy level of a Shree Yantra with accurate geometry is 70 times more than an equivalent Pyramidal structure.

Myth 4- There are no scientific backings for Shree Yantra

It has been scientifically proven that symbols with a specific geometry alter our brainwaves and help in activating our deepest inner potential. Shree Yantra is one such symbol that has a great effect on the human mind, body and spirit. According to Jewish Geometry, a symbol with several triangles forming a shape of a star, fetches good luck and fortune.

In 1984, researchers at Moscow University conducted a research wherein; they asked a few people to just see a Shree Yantra and during that time, they used an EEG machine to observe the brainwaves of those people and check its healing effect. They found that within a very short time, the brain waves of the people who had participated in the research came down to Alpha Level which is the state of mind associated with intuition, creativity, relaxation and deep meditation. They also observed that their brains started healing itself. Moreover, the Aura photography also show that Aura and Energy Chakra improves in presence of Shree Yantra explaining the effectiveness of Shree Yantra scientifically.

Myth 5- Shree Yantra can be used by people following specific religion

Although Shree Yantra has backings of Hindu mythology and Shastras, it is not bounded by one particular religion. The knowledge of Shree Vidya or Shree Yantra was revealed to people in higher states of their inner awakening (Samadhi). Therefore, it pre-dates every and any type of organised structured religious belief and is not bounded by any caste, creed, gender or race. Anybody belonging to any religion can keep Shree Yantra in his/ her house or workplace and gain happiness, peace, health and wealth.

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