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a) Shree Yantra for Meditation and healing

The Shree Yantra is variedly described as a visual representation of the sound ‘Om’ and an expression of the philosophy of ‘Advaita (one-ness or non-duality). Swarna Shree Yantra is made by five elements which represent five elements of ethereal body. It has been observed scientifically and spiritually that Shree Yantra enhances meditation and healing process in an individual.

Shree Yantra is an ancient tool used by several great gurus and Vedic scientists over centuries to meditate and achieve spiritual growth. Adi guru Shankaracharya was one such guru. Almost every religion on the planet has its own symbol. For thousands of years, many people in the world have used the power of symbols to empower, inspire and influence several people.

Scientifically, particular geometric symbols have the power to alter our brainwaves which activate our deepest inner potential. The Shree Yantra is one such symbol that has a great effect on human mind, body and spirit. Even an article by Natasha Dern (in the Huffington Post) points out, how state of meditation is enhanced by certain symbols, especially Shree Yantra.

In 1984 researchers at Moscow University used an EEG machine to observe the brainwaves of few people who were asked to see Shree Yantra for few moment to check its healing effect. They found that within moments, these people’s brain waves came down to Alpha Level (it is a state of mind associated with intuition, creativity, relaxation and deep meditation). Also new neural pathways began forming in their brains. It means it was physically upgrading their minds. In other words, merely by seeing the Shree Yantra started healing their minds.

Thus, to meditate with Shree Yantra –
1. Place Swarna Shree Yantra at a comfortable place where usually you mostly stay.
2. Relax yourself by taking few seconds of deep breathing.
3. See Shree Yantra with open eyes constantly repeating simple thoughts of “My almighty is looking at me” or by chanting Om, Amen, or any mantra.

Practice these for a few minutes every day in front of Swarna Shree Yantra. Continuous practice will definitely have positive effect on you and health, peace and prosperity will follow.

b) Shree Yantra is a divine tool to help us experience higher spiritual vibrations and therefore leads to overall improvement of our minds and concentration. The same is established in aura photography and energy chakra scan of a human with and without Shree Yantra.

c) Shree Yantra is not bounded by any religion. A Person belonging to any Religion can keep Shree Yantra in his house and gain happiness, peace, health and wealth.

d) All evil spirits leave wherever Shree Yantra is placed and only divine energies exist.