9 Interesting Things You May Not be Knowing about Shree Yantra

//9 Interesting Things You May Not be Knowing about Shree Yantra

9 Interesting Things You May Not be Knowing about Shree Yantra

“Positive energy is attracted to positive energy” ~~ Deborah Day

Today, when our lives are full of stress, tensions and negativity all around, studies have found that using external energy sources such as motivational songs, books or positive geometrical structures, such as Shree Yantra, help in increasing the positive energy and eventually make positive thinking a part of the regular thinking process.

A whole lot of articles are written about Shree Yantra, its origins, and  In this blog, we share with you some interesting facts about Shree Yantra.

1. Shree Yantra Temples
There are many Shree Yantra temples in India in the states of Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttarakhand, and Gujrat which are visited by a large number of devotees daily. Some of the noteworthy ones include the Golden Temple Sripuram at Vellore which has the Sripuram design portraying Shree Yantra. The other one is the Shri Jagannath Temple in Odisha where Shree Yantra is engraved in Jagannath Temple’s Ratnavedi.

2. Hollowness is Important
An ideal Shree Yantra should be hollow from top to bottom on the inner side. The inner hollowness is absolutely essential to attract universal cosmic energy

3. The metallurgy of the Shree Yantra is Important
Whenever you are purchasing Shree Yantras, strictly avoid the Yantras made of Brass and Bronze. These metals give negative results. Always go for Shree Yantras made of Gold, Silver or Copper.

4. Natural Shree Yantra formation in the USA
In August 1990, a massive 23 kilometres long Shree Yantra formation was found in the dry lake-bed in Oregon, USA. This formation was 10 inches (or 25.4 centimetres) wide and 3 inches deep into the surface. It can be said that it is one of the reasons behind America’s wealth and progress.

5. Vastu Improvements
An ideal Shree Yantra has the powers to rectify all Vastu defects. Shree Yantra takes away the negativity of Vastu defects and energizes the place with divine energy. Shree Yantra installation can rectify Vastu and Feng-Shui defects of the house, shop, office, factory, or wherever it is kept without the need of dismantling its physical structure.

6. Aura of Shree Yantra
One of the tests to recognize the best Shree Yantra is through Aura photography. Aura photography is done by special scientific cameras only which captures the aura with precision. The aura of an ideal Shree Yantra must be well- balanced and symmetrical. If the colours emited in the aura of Shree Yantra are the colours representing highest energies such as Purple and Blue, then that can be recognized as an ideal Shree Yantra.

7. Energy Chakra 
An ideal Shree Yantra can have a very positive impact on all the energy Chakras of a person. This impact can also be tested along with Aura Photography and therefore it is very scientific. The Energy Chakras improves to become more energised, beautiful and symmetrical-round shapes in
presence of an ideal Shree Yantra. It promotes better health, long life, happiness, good luck and prosperity. ,

8. Shree Yantra is not the same as pyramid structure
Pyramids and Shree Yantras are different types of structures – A Pyramid is a simple form of yantra attracting cosmic energy whereas; Shree Yantra, by its very nature, attracts cosmic energy in multi-fold and releases in its surrounding areas. It is a complex form of yanta, popularly known as the “King of Yantras”. Researches of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, USA show that the energy level of a Shree Yantra with accurate geometry is 70 times more than equivalent Pyramidal structure.

9. The mythological connection of Shree Yantra
Shree Yantra is believed to be the Yantra of Goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is said that Goddess Laxmi manifests herself at the place where Shree Yantra is placed and worshipped. According to Jewish Geometry, a symbol with several triangles forming a shape of a star, fetches good luck and fortune. Shree Yantra is one such powerful structure. Jain community also recognises and worships Shree Yantra for prosperity.

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