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a) Sindoor / Kumkum / Turmeric available in the market is mixed with harsh chemicals and is not totally from natural source/organic. Use of such things damage Gold plating of Shree Yantra. Therefore you must never use it. Pure emotions are important for worshipping Shree Yantra and it is the best way of worship.

Using Sindoor / Kumkum / Turmeric from the market has bad effects on human body – A swami ji used Sindoor / Kumkum from market to worship Shree Yantra for four hours daily during nine days of Navaratri. This has badly affected his hands and Shree Yantra plating.

b) To protect the Gold Plating and Lacquering of Shree Yantra for long time avoid Curd or similar harsh things for abhishek of Shree Yantra. Similarly, use only soft cloth to clean Shree Yantra. Avoid rubbing or scratching on the surface of Shree Yantra.

c) Always put the given Acrylic cover over Shree Yantra to protect Shree Yantra from dust, humidity and effects of weather etc. Please remember humidity is the enemy of Gold plating.