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The MD of our Public Limited Company is in spiritual path since several years along with his Business responsibilities.He learned various meditations and Sadhanas from leading spiritual personalities. Subsequently, he decided to learn Shri Vidya Sadhna. In this process, he came to know about Shree Yantra and its magical and divine effects.

A concerned spiritual personality sold him two Shree Yantra at high price. He purchased it with great trust and faith and established it in his office and residence.

He experienced negative impact at his conscious level as well as in real life. It was shocking. He called few more pieces of Shree Yantra from various sources also and studied carefully. All of them were made by Brass or Bronze and none had perfect geometry. A cheap product sold at a very high price – about 30-40 times of its production cost. His trust was broken.

The said spiritual personality could have taken more price for Shree Yantra, but it should give positive result to the buyer or at least it should be a good collection without any negative impact. It was unfair.

He decided to study all relevant Shastras and Purans describing about Shree Yantra. After study, he found none of these were as described in ancient Shastras on account of Geometry, Metallurgy, Colour, etc. All these are made by small producers as one of the product out of several Brass and Bronze products made by them.

Therefore, he decided to develop a perfect Shree Yantra as the only product. A competent team was formed for research on it, studied all possible relevant ancient Shastras, consulted several Shree Vidya gurus, worked on various production techniques, spent money and time of about five years to develop a perfect Shree Yantra. He established the first perfect Shree Yantra in his office and residence and started enjoying positivity, good health, business growth and several positive effects in various forms.

Ancient Shastras describe great benefits of Shree Yantra. To scientifically prove it, he consulted Mrs. Rita Mahajan, Bangalore – an international expert for Aura and Human
Chakra Scan. Aura and Chakra Scan of several people with and without Shree Yantra was done. The shape of energy Chakras and Aura has shown a wonderful improvement with Shree Yantra. This further enhanced his trust on the Shree Yantra developed by him, which he named as “Swarna Shree Yantra” because of actual gold layer on it. Took the Design Patent of the perfect 3D art.

Conclusively, he decided to widely promote it for everyone’s benefit, at least possible margin required for running the business.
This is how Swarna Shree Yantra is created.