170.1mm Size 3D Shree Yantra

//170.1mm Size 3D Shree Yantra

170.1mm Size 3D Shree Yantra

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Shree Yantra base area – 268.8mm x 268.8mm
Total height – 179.55mm (Height of 9 steps – 170.1mm)
Weight- Approximately 4,500 grams
Height with base – 209.55mm
Metallurgy- 24 Carat Gold Layer, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Nickel (Negligible).

See Installation Method here and Safety Instructions here.

Price for shipping in India Rs. 75,000/- (includes Free Shipping within India with 18% GST + Wooden base + Self Assembling Acrylic Cover + Installation method and Safety Instructions)
Price for Shipping Outside India US$880/- (includes Shipping cost to your destination Country + Wooden Base + Self Assembling Acrylic Cover + Installation method and Safety Instructions)
Note – Any Custom Duty or Taxes over above price, if applicable at Destination Country will be borne / paid by the Buyer.

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1. Materialization with Swarna Shree Yantra–

To connect with Shree Yantra, “see Shree Yantra with unconditional love for few seconds, (your brain waves will come down to Alpha Level-a state of mind associated with relaxation and creativity and your left breath will start Running. If right breath is there means you are not relaxed). Now, See yourself in present tense for your 2- 3 wishes. For example- you are young / You have good health / you have this much Money (which you intend-It must be practical as per your ability) / your family has harmony etc. Give thanks to Divine Power.”

It takes about two minutes for above creation. Make it a habit to do this for 3-4 times in a day.  After some time, you will find, you get in contact with such people, circumstances and your wishes start materializing. Materialization Speed of your spiritual and material objectives depends on your positive & pure sentiments.

It is not necessary to chant mantras before Swarna Shree Yantra. It mainly helps in managing Brain waves.

2. To put on table of key person or at a place where you spend maximum time ( within 5′ distance from your body) to keep on energising your Seven Energy Chakras and improve body Aura.

3. To energize Residence, Shop, Office, Factory, Industry, Mall, Hospital etc. of  with excellent intensity of positivity. For larger areas, more than one Shree Yantra can be installed – one Shree Yantra at each of the four corners and one at the centre of the premises.


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