VASTU CORRECTION & BENEFITS2018-12-06T11:35:56+00:00

Installation of Shree Yantra is an excellent solution to rectify Vastu defects. Just by installing Shree Yantra, Vastu and Feng-Shui defects of house, shop, office, factory etc. can be rectified without dismantling its physical structure. It is a means of positivity and prosperity also.

Recommendation– Shree Yantra must be placed where business is carried. Shree Yantra takes away negative energy of that place and continuously energizes by divine energy and opens new fronts to gain wealth. Shree Yantra attracts wealth like a magnet, continuously grows business and profession. As well as, it provides positivity, spreads peace and good health.

Several Industrial houses have placed Shree Yantra and achieved wealth and success in short period. Shree Yantra is goddess Lakshmi’s beloved Yantra. There is permanent presence of goddess Lakshmi where Shree Yantra is placed and keeps on giving various favourable results.

Recommendation for direction of Installation can be found here.