SHREE YANTRA AT USA2018-11-01T06:09:34+00:00

A natural Shree Yantra formation has been seen in Oregon, United States of America. During August of 1990, a pilot in the Idaho Air National Guard noticed a huge etching while flying over on a dried-up lake-bed in Oregon. The massive Shree Yantra found in that dry lake bed of Oregon was 23 kilometres long and was etched 10 inches (or 25.4 centimetres) wide and 3 inches (or 7.5 centimetres) deep into the surface. There were no tire marks or any sign which could suggest that any human had made it. According to the pilots (who regularly trained the area) – neither the design was ever seen earlier in that area prior to this nor they observed any design-in-process or any unusual activity in that area. There was no possibility of any of the other pilots having missed such a prominent formation in process of its creation. Later, the design was identified as the ancient Indian meditation tool called – the Shree Yantra.

According to the officials this Shree Yantra had appeared supernaturally. This was way back in the 1990s when technology was not so advanced that such a huge Shree Yantra can be etched without leaving any signs of construction. But it can be said that it could be one of the reasons behind America’s wealth and progress.