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Shree Yantra is a self-activated Yantra. Shree Yantra can be made more powerful by mantra to make it Mantra Chaitanya for extra ordinary energy during Navratri, Shiv-ratri, Holi, Deepawali, Guru-pushya and Ravi-pushya Nakshatra, Akshay Tritiya, Dhanteras or any other auspicious day. A Shree Yantra energized by mantra gives unlimited wealth and prosperity. Shree Yantra is also necessary for “Shree Vidhya Sadhana” which elevates level of consciousness.

See Shree Yantra with love and affection from top to bottom and chant any of the following mantras 9 times –

1. Om Shrim Hrim Shrim kamale Kamalalaye Prasid Prasid Shrim Hrim Shrim Mahalaxmaye Namah.
2. Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Namah.
3. Om Shrim Om Namo Devye Ujjaval Hastikaye.
4. By chanting phrases of Shri-Sukta with Samput, Shree Yantra gets Mantra Chaitanya.

Note– For Spiritual gains, above worship should be done from bottom to top.