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  • Shree Yantra Ideal
    They are absolutely lucky who have
    Shree Yantra in their life
  • Shree Yantra Ideal from top
    It can be said that one whose luck has
    to rise gets casually accompanied with
    Shree Yantra.

Shree Yantra India

Shree Yantra / Sri Yantra / Shree Chakra / Shri Chakra

Swarna Shree Yantra or Sri Yantra is the most authentic and ideal Shree Yantra. It is made totally in accordance to ancient Shastras and mathematical geometry. Spiritual scientists call it Cosmic blueprint of the Universe.

Maha Meru

We firmly believe that they are absolutely lucky who have Swarna Shree Yantra in their life. In fact, installing Swarna Shree Yantra is a matter of pride which is an established symbol of spiritual progress and prosperity.

FAQ about Shree Yantra

Your quesions about Shree Yantra


Q1- What is Shree Yantra
A1- Shree Yantra is a unique geometrical representation of universe. Shree Yantra attracts cosmic energy from the universe and continuously spreads positive divine energy in surrounding area. (It is confirmed from Aura Photography of Shree Yantra).
Q2- What are the benefits of keeping Shree Yantra?
A2- Shree Yantra gives benefits of positivity, peace of mind, happiness, harmony in relationship, good health, success, wealth and several other gains.
Q3- Can I buy Swarna Shree Yantra by Cash or Bank Transfer?
A3- Yes, you can deposit cash or do Bank transfer in any of our Bank accounts as below and inform us with your address to send it by insured courier –

1. SBI, Rajnandgaon. A/c–Radius Corporation Ltd.
A/c Number–31706935193 IFSC Code–SBIN0000464

2. IDBI Ltd., Rajnandgaon. A/c–Radius Corporation Ltd.
A/c Number–0526102000003766 IFSC Code–IBKL0000526

3. Axis Bank Ltd., Rajnandgaon. A/c–Radius Corporation Ltd.
A/c Number–521010200000055 IFSC Code–UTIB0000521

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