A. FAQs –

Q1- What is Shree Yantra?
A1- Shree Yantra is a unique geometrical representation of universe. Shree Yantra attracts cosmic energy from the universe and continuously spreads positive divine energy in surrounding area. (It is confirmed from Aura Photography of Shree Yantra).
Q2- What are the benefits of keeping Shree Yantra?
A2- Shree Yantra gives benefits of positivity, peace of mind, happiness, harmony in relationship, good health, success, wealth and several other gains.
Q3- How does it work? How long Shree Yantra takes to show its effect after establishing?
A3- Shree Yantra is a representation of the supreme Universal Energy. It is like a tool to attract Universal cosmic energy and spread around its surroundings just like an antenna attracts signals from the atmosphere and we can see Television. Whoever comes in the aura of Shree Yantra gets energized. This is how Shree Yantra scientifically works and is beneficial to all.

Shree Yantra continuously releases positive divine energy. A person having higher consciousness can feel it. Or its positive energy and effects can be tested by modern instruments (like Aura Analyser etc.). One should not expect instant miracle from it. It will gradually dilute negative psychic impressions of past deeds (karmas) and bring positivity.
Q4- How does my wishes get materialized with Swarna Shree Yantra?
A4- To materialize your wishes into reality, look at Swarna Shree Yantra with unconditional love and devotion. Imagine yourself in the condition where you intend to be and feel thankful to Shree Yantra for helping you achieve your wish. Your wishes should be expressed in a positive manner and in present tense. Repeat this at least two to three times in a day. You will find your positive wishes starts materialising.
Q5- What are Scientific proofs for benefits from Swarna Shree Yantra?
A5- Swarna Shree Yantra is made as per ancient Shastras and mathematical geometry. Scientifically, it is evident that merely by presence of Swarna Shree Yantra, Aura of a person improves. There are seven energy Chakras in human body which contain psychic impressions of a person’s good or bad deeds from several past lives. These psychic impressions are the cause of a person’s happiness, sorrow and present situations. After coming in contact with Swarna Shree Yantra, shape of all energy chakras of a person becomes round and beautiful – this results in better health, long life, happiness, good luck and prosperity of the concerned person.
Q6- What is metallurgy of Swarna Shree Yantra? Why it is important?
A6-Swarna Shree Yantra is made of five metals – 24-carat Gold layer, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Nickle. From our researches of various ancient shastras following are the reasons for choosing above metals for Swarna Shree Yantra –
As per ancient Shastra, Tantraraj-Tantram and Dakshinamurti Sahinta, Shree Yantra made by gold, silver and copper gives enormous benefits of wealth, fame, good health and happiness.

"Ratne Hemni Rupye Cha Taamre Drishadi Cha Kramaat,
Kritwaa Chakrasya Nirmaanam Sthaapyet Pujyedapi.
Laxmikaantiyashah Putradhnaarogyadisiddhye."

It is mentioned in ancient Shastra Laksha Sagar that Shree Yantra made by gold, silver and copper gives all-round success, and prosperity.

"Suvarnrachitam Yantram Sarvraajvashkaram,
Rajaten Kritam Yantrmaayuraarogyakaantidam.
Taamraistu Rachitam Yantram Sarwaishvarypradam Matam,
Lohtrayodbhavam Yantram Sarwasiddhikaram Matam."

As per ancient Shastra, Shaubhagyalaxmi Upnishada yellow Shree Yantra is considered ideal for financial gains.

We have strictly avoided negative metals such as Brass and Bronze. As per ancient Shastra, Tantraraj Tantram, Shree Yantra made by Lead (Lead is part of Brass) and Bronze gives negative results.

"Shiskaansyaadishu Punah Purvoktvipritkrit Falkaayaam Pate Bhitao Sthaapyenn Kadaachan,
Sthaapitam Yadi Lobhen Mohenaagyaantoapi Waa Kulvittampatyam Cha Nirmulyati Sarvthaa."

Almost every Shree Yantra available in the market is made by prohibited metals or alloy of these metals i.e. either Brass or Bronze.

Swarna Shree Yantra is made satisfying ancient shastras. Its positivity is confirmed by scientific aura photography of Swarna Shree Yantra.
Q7- How many Swarna Shree Yantra I should keep and why?
A7-One should enjoy maximum benefits of Swarna Shree Yantra. For example- someone has an Office and a Residence, each of area less than 3000 sq. ft. Then he should have one L- size (108mm) Shree Yantra to energize his Office and one L- size (108mm) Shree Yantra to energize his Residence. It is also important to keep one L- size (108mm) Shree Yantra on his working table where he spends maximum time. Those who wish to worship Shree Yantra can keep one S-size (81mm) in Temple of their Residence.

Thus, one person should keep Swarna Shree Yantra according to their requirement.
Q8- By seeing beauty of Swarna Shree Yantra I felt positive. Can I add it to my collection?
A8- Yes, you will get its positive benefits.
Q9- How is Swarna Shree Yantra different from the Shree Yantra available in market?
A9- Usually Shree Yantras available in the market are made by- Copper or Silver plate, Sphatik or prohibited metals which are solid. The difference between these Shree Yantras and Swarna Shree Yantra is as below –

a.Shree Yantra made on Copper or Silver plate is actually Shree Chakra. It is 2-Dimensional (2D) whereas Swarna Shree Yantra is 3-Dimensional (3D). It is infinite times more effective than Shree Chakra made of lines.

b. Generally Sphatik Shree Yantras are small and not made from original Sphatik. Also, Sphatik Shree Yantra is manually carved and made solid. Manual carvings have limitations and human error also. Neither it has perfect geometry nor it is hollow on inner side with same outer geometry.

c. Solid Shree Yantra (which is not hollow on inner side) is in fact an idol of Shree Yantra. A Shree Yantra must be hollow from inside with same geometry on inner side like outer geometry. As per Yantra-Science, a Yantra must be hollow from inside like garb grah of Temple, Mosque, Church and Pyramid etc. It is very easy to make solid Shree Yantra. But it is truly challenging to make hollow Shree Yantra with same geometry on inside also.

Due to lack of production technique, Shree Yantras available in the market are made solid and a false believe system has been established that Shree Yantra should be solid. Only hollow Shree Yantra can concentrate cosmic energy.

Swarna Shree Yantra satisfies all the requirements as described in the ancient Shastras and Yantra-science. Definitely with Swarna Shree Yantra, you will have positive changes in your life.
Q 10- What is difference between Shree Yantra and Pyramid Structure?
A10- Pyramid is simple form of Yantra to attract cosmic energy whereas Shree Yantra is much more complex form of Yantra and therefore, attracts cosmic energy in multi-fold. As per researches of Dr. Patrick Flanagan, USA – energy level of a Shree Yantra having accurate geometry is 70 times more than equivalent Pyramidal structure.
Q11- A Vastu expert advised me to place Shree Yantra in four corner foundations of a new building construction to be taken-up by me. What will be the benefits from it?
A11- Installation of Shree Yantra is an excellent method to get maximum benefits of Vastu as described in various shastras. Shree Yantra is installed in the foundations of Tirupati Balaji temple. And it is one of the reasons for great prosperity of this temple.

Considering above, putting Shree Yantra in four corner foundations of new building is good for prosperity.
Q12- Will the gold layering on Shree Yantra get spoiled if I perform abhishek of Shree Yantra daily?
A12- Pure emotions are important for worshiping Shree Yantra. It can be performed with or without dry sindoor or abhishek. One can perform abhishek of Swarna Shree Yantra at special occasions. Still, to maintain long life of its gold layering, it is recommended that you carefully read the Safety instructions of Swarna Shree Yantra.
Q13- A spiritual personality told me to donate big Shree Yantra in the Temple. It will result in the form of wealthy Generations. How correct it is?
A13- It is based on a simple principle that what we give, we get back in multi-fold. Considering it, the spiritual personality seems right by telling so.
Q14- Which shastras have you referred for research and development of Swarna Shree Yantra?
A14- Several shastras have been referred to develop Swarna Shree Yantra. Main references are in Tantraraj Tantram, Dakshinamurti Sanhita, Laksha Sagar, Subhagyalakshmi Upnishad, Saundrya Lahri, Rudrayamal Granth, etc.

B. Order related FAQs –

Q1- How can I ensure price of Swarna Shree Yantra is reasonable?
A1- The prime reason for cost is unique hollow construction with perfect outer and inner geometry, 24 carat gold layering, Value Added Tax/ Central Sales Tax (VAT/CST @ 15% on sale within India only) and logistics cost up to your door steps.
Q2- How do I order Swarna Shree Yantra
A2- You can order Swarna Shree Yantra online by clicking here.
Q3- Can I buy Swarna Shree Yantra by Cash or Bank Transfer?
A3- Yes, you can deposit cash or do Bank transfer in any of our Bank accounts as below and inform us with your address to send it by insured courier –

3. Axis Bank Ltd., Rajnandgaon. A/c–Radius Corporation Ltd.
A/c Number–521010200000055     IFSC Code–UTIB0000521
Q4- When will my order be delivered?
A4- Usually courier takes 4 to 5 business days which depends on location and may take up to 10 business days.